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Whether you are an active person
who exercises regularly or less
active than you want to be, wouldn't
you like to feel healthier, improve your
balance and have more energy and stamina to do more of the things you like to do? Whether that's playing golf, tennis, taking a walk, riding a bike or just playing with the grandkids. Regular Tai Chi practice produces amazing results, better balance, more energy, fewer slips and falls - all documented by scientific research.

What does getting up in the morning feel like? Would you like to take less pain medication? How are your knees and back? And lets not forget about those non age specific challenges like Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Stress and Depression. We may not have the cure to all your ailments, but we know how you can start to improve your health and maximize your physical and mental potential.
The Empire Tai Chi Group, located in southern Westchester, provides comprehensive Tai Chi programs throughout Westchester County and The Greater NY Metropolitan area.
Our Traditional Tai Chi programs offer progressive Tai Chi forms, Chi Kung, Breathing Exercises and Meditation, Two Person cooperative exercises, Traditional Tai Chi Weapons, Martial Applications of Tai Chi and Combat Tai Chi for self defense. These classes are taught at various levels four times a week including a 90 minute Advanced Tai Chi training class.

Tai Chi for Balance + plus, is a balance specific Tai Chi program offered at two different levels with three classes a week.

Therapeutic Tai Chi serves special populations. This includes individuals with acute balance issues, Parkinson's disease, recovering stroke patients and those with other neurological challenges.

The Principles and Practices of Neigong and Qigong offers a weekly 90 minute class that explores Mindfulness, Sung Breathing and activating the Lower Dantien. Ji Ben, Qigong is practiced in depth.

Dragon Dao Yin (original Chinese Yoga), the leading and purging of stagnant Qi from the body, is taught as a four set, walking system.
As a student of Tai Chi for over 30 years, I have had the privilege of working with many teachers, yet I have taken classes at Empire Tai Chi with Gene Nelson longer than anywhere else. The teaching is both rigorous, in the sense of exacting, and also connected to the deeper principles of movement and flow that is essential to all Tai Chi. The practice of Tai Chi can be both precise and meditatively relaxing and rarely have I found both aspects of Tai Chi combined so thoroughly in a single teaching approach

Mark Sirkin, Ph.D.
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